ACC Dual Credit Information

Students and parents should view the ACC/ECSPowerPoint Presentation and read the updated list of approved Dual Credit Courses.

ACC Dual Credit Contacts

  •             Janet Kirk: Westwood Counselor
  •       Jason Sanchez:  ACC Dual Credit Specialist

ACC Application

Click here and here for to download detailed Enrollment Steps and Important Dual Credit Information

1. Students must create an account and then start/complete an application.  These are two separate tasks. 

2. In the application, when students are getting to the high school attended portion.  The dates they attended from should be the year they started at the high school and the attended to should be their actual grad year.  If not done correctly, they will get unnecessary holds that may prevent them from registering on time. 

3. In the application, when they get to the question that asks for the basis of admission.  Students MUST select "High School Dual Credit Program (Receiving Both High School and College Credit)."  If students do NOT select this then they will not receive a confirmation with their ACCeID.  If they select high school graduate or anything else other than what I just listed, then students will have to reapply with the correct basis of admission.  They use their same account, but select "Create a New Application" (see attached screenshot) and hopefully do it correctly.

4. If the student has applied correctly, they should receive a confirmation email with their ACCeID - 24 hours after applying. 

Once you have applied to ACC and completed the enrollment steps, here are instructions for signing up for a class online.

ACC Dual Credit Calendar

Spring ‘18

January 17 – Parent Information Night – ACC Dual Credit sessions @ 5:45pm and 6:45pm (see agenda

January 18 & 19 – ACC Dual Credit Lunch Information Sessions
12:25 – 2:35 in the lecture hall – please come at the beginning  of your lunch and bring your lunch
February – 

February 10 - TSI Testing (Saturday) $ and PAA Due by Feb 7
February 19 – TSI Testing (Monday, student holiday)$ and PAA Due by Feb 14

March – 

March 8 – Dual Credit forms for Smr & Fall ‘17 due to JKirk by 4pm
March 27– 29 ACC Advising 12:25– 2:35 during all 3 lunches
March 27 & 28 - 9th and 10th graders
March 29  - 11th graders  & make ups

April -   

April 2– Online Registration for returning students opens
April 16 - Online Registration for new students opens

April 20 – Summer Course schedules due to counselor

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Updated and important Information – September 2016

College records are permanent; therefore, it’s important to maintain satisfactory academic progress while enrolled at ACC, even while in high school. Failure to do so may affect future college financial aid and/or transfer eligibility.

All students in the dual credit program must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.  Students who fall below a cumulative GPA of 2.0 will lose their tuition waiver for one probationary semester.  Failure to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for two semesters (consecutive or nonconsecutive) will result in a student being ineligible for dual credit tuition and fees waiver.  Dual credit students who do not maintain good academic standing are additionally subject to further disciplinary action as outlined in the ACC Student Handbook. 

The spring schedule can be found at here.